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Collectibles, many people collect a lot of different items.  Stamps, cars, old coins, toys, the list goes on! ShopRite has been creating collectible trucks and trains for years. This year’s ShopRite truck is the same truck you see on the roads today. The focus for this years truck was for the ShopRite Partners In Caring Program.  You can’t miss it, with its big yellow color and ShopRite label.

ShopRite has an amazing program called ShopRite’s Partners in Caring, which aids in hunger in our local communities. It works with more than 50 different food industry manufactures to provide more than $2 million annually. since it started in 1999, it has donated $7 million to more than 1,700 charities. It also supports emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, child care centers, battered women’s shelters, senior citizen programs, drug rehab centers, programs for the mentally and physically disables, after-school programs and other organization that might need aid.

So what’s the give away? As a member of the Potluck Blog Panel, ShopRite has graciously give me the chance to offer a Shop Rite truck as a  giveaway to a reader of my blog.  How do you enter? Simple, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to collect as a child or even as an adult!

Giveaway will start Monday 12/19/11 at 9 am and will end Friday 12/22/11 at 9 am.

Good luck!


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